Our goal is to create 100% Italian and natural cosmetic products that contribute to the well-being of the world we live in, made up of nature, people and the communities that live in it.

Our products are the result of knowledge, research, love and passion that guides us in the choice, formulation and creation of our 100% aware cosmetics.




With love and passion, we study, develop and test new products every day in our laboratories. We are constantly looking for the best formulation.

Our quality control laboratory is amply prepared to carry out all the necessary tests according to the regulations. The products are subjected to continuous checks during the entire production cycle, not only to guarantee their safety, but also to confirm their efficacy claims, thanks to qualitative-quantitative research and the use of specific reliable and validated instrumentation for the determination of skin parameters.

Particular attention is also paid to the selection of raw materials: we know our suppliers personally and we can boast the presence, in our products, of natural and organic, approved and certified ingredients and totally natural and hypoallergenic fragrances.

Elle (female figure from Greek mythology) refers to the woman and her bond with water and nature.

Ethic evokes our principle of natural and sustainable beauty in respect of the environment and the planet.

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