Koala and Kangaroo
(Why Koala has a Stumpy Tail, Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss)
A long time ago Koala and Kangaroo were good friends and at that time Koala had a long hairy tail.
It was a strange year because it hadn't rained for a long time and all the streams had dried up. Water was nowhere to be found and the leaves on the trees were also dying. Koala said to Kangaroo: "We will die too if it doesn't rain soon."
"I have an idea," Kangaroo said, "when I was little, it was a very dry season and to find water, my mother dug a hole in a dry stream. He dug and dug for hours and finally water began to fill the bottom of the hole. There wasn't much water but there was enough for both of us to drink."
Koala began to cry and said: «Let's try it too; I can't wait to drink the cold water."
Koala and Kangaroo went to a stream bed that was dry like the desert and Koala said, "I'm tired and thirsty, you start digging while I take a nap in this tree. As soon as I get my strength back, I'll help you."
While Koala rested Kangaroo began digging toiling, but the thought of fresh water kept him going. When Kangaroo took a break and looked up, Koala was still sleeping and he thought that when Koala woke up, he would be well rested and could take his turn.
In order to wake him up, Kangaroo started playing and when Koala woke up, Kangaroo said: "Now it's your turn, do your part."
Koala began to climb down from the tree but cried again because this time he had pricked his foot with a thorn and said, "You keep digging while I pull the thorn out of his foot."
And Canguro kept digging until the hole got deeper and deeper but still there was no water. Koala started climbing and screamed: ′′ Kangaroo I'm tired, I need a break again; I feel dizzy from lack of water, I need to rest a little longer.'
Kangaroo was getting angry but kept digging and finally some water appeared. Then Kangaroo said to Koala: «The water is slowly filling the hole; there will soon be enough for both of us.”
When Koala heard this, he jumped down and rushed towards the hole. He pushed Kangaroo out, put his head in the water and began to gobble it down.
Kangaroo was furious and shouted, "Leave me some too."
But Koala kept drinking and drinking and drinking. Kangaroo grabbed the koala's tail to pull it out of the hole and pulled and pulled until the tail broke. Koala began to cry again but there was nothing more to do and the tail has remained short and stumpy ever since.